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the stock price briefly tonight. it is down about 5% as investors digest the news that ceo steve jobs will step down from that post. down about $19 a share. we'll see how that plays out. again, abruptly resigning, steve jobs as ceo of apple. and i report live from a stunned apple campus. back to you in the studio. >> yeah, what do you think this is going to mean for apple in the short term and the long term? >> reporter: well, in the short term, it means that the secession plan is put into place. tim cook takes over. again, he ably ran this company. you have to remember when tim cook took over, everyone was stunned and said what would happen with apple. the stock price went up 70% during the time that tim cook was in charge. products sold faster than ever. so this is clearly a company that is already -- it has the dna built in of jobs and the creativity that he brings. so the short term, who knows. it's going to be interesting to see what investors think. look for plenty of products, a lot of people expect a new iphone to come out in the next couple of months. we have not heard from t
plan, the 10-year plan, what direction that steve jobs wants the company to go. >> they've been following apple for more than 30 years and he says that innovation is in the company's blood. >> when you look at apple going forward, you see them creating, you know, the screens today, the ipod, iphone, ipad and the mac. they can create new screens, including the television, in-car dash systems. they could innovate for another couple of decades. >> more screens, more products, the apple way. you can count on it. we've talked a lot about apple's dna flowing through apple. tonight at 6:00, we'll meet the younger generation of silicon valley leadership and why they say they're inspired by the work of steve jobs. am, arguably the most powerful consumer company in the world, in large part because of the iphone, tracy grant joins us from san francisco's neighborhood with a closer look at how apple fans are dealing with the departure of steve jobs. good evening, tracy. >> good evening, scott been the age of the customers coming in and out of the store range dramatically, just like the opin
after trying to catch up after canceling 9,000 flights. we go to nbc's steve handelsman in new york city. >> reporter: starting the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england, many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia and some rivers are still reported rising. now, many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's damage. asa lowe in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage and power outages. i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you have to have a reentry pass. >> reporter: with power out to 800,000 homes in maryland and more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds exp
. >> reporter: wingmaster owner steve says the key is training his birds to train the seagulls. >> what they'll interpret is there's a falcon in hunt in the area, and grab your kids and get out of here. stadium full ut acc1: of pemg presents a few challenges. for example, steve says his birds would be trained to intimidate but not attack. thecc1:cc1:cc1: nce of falcon in aggressive flight mode that actually stimulates that fear factor in the seagull. >> reporter: the giants say they're weighing the options, including trying to get the to set up house in the light pole or anything else for that matter that will roll up welcome mat on the stadium's opportunistic fans. >> what a mess. if i had a little kid at the thing and there's falcons going around -- i don't know. let's check in with nick o'kelly, check in on the weather. what's going on, nick? >>> we're talking about fairly quiet conditions around the bay area. e were concerned about somecc1: iels lated thundershowers. not going to show. the reason is, temperatures just didn't warm up enough.cc1: we couldn't get the instability going and t
not contesting the iowa straw poll. from ames, iowa, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. diane, back to you. >>> and just for a little bit of perspective since its founding, the winner of the ames straw poll has gone on to win the republican presidential nomination two of the five times. >>> police in pakistan are searching for a 60-year-old american man who was kidnapped out of his home in eastern pakistan early this morning. and nbc's jay gray has the latest on that. >> reporter: the state department now confirms the kidnapped american is warren weinstein. reports indicate he's been working for several years in pakistan as the country director for development contractor j.e. austin associates. according to the company's website, he holds a ph.d. in economics, is fluent in six languages and worked in the field of international development for 25 years. pakistani police say the attack was carried out by as many as ten gunmen at 3:30 in the morning. they persuaded squurt guards by opening up the debates gates saying they wanted to share some food. once inside they overpowered the guards and
documents reveal steve carlson was booked into the santa rita jail on murder charge sunday. this photo posted on the megan's law list of sex offenders. carlson the former classmate of tina fails killed in 1984 while walking home from foothill high school. at the time there were whispers on campus, carlson was responsible. he was questioned by police back then but it took modern technology to break the case. recent dna evidence linked the case to the santa cruz transient now 43 years old. >>> cost of california's high speed rail is a lot higher than originally estimated. here are the new estimates. first phase of the rail will cost nearly $14 billion. that's $6.8 billion more than the original estimate. construction is scheduled to start by september of next year. so, september 2012. supporters say the route between san francisco and anaheim will create thousand of jobs, and be cheaper in the long run. the entire cost of the project is currently estimated at $43 billion. but that is expected to rise as well. >>> the obama administration is looking to make the air we breathe cleaner. tod
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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